Thursday, 30 June 2011

by Adele

As we've had temperatures in the UK this week hotter than in Barbados (33 degrees on Monday) I finally feel summer has arrived - yipppeee!! This week's Random photo's are things I love about summer...

What reminds you of summer?

drinking Pimms & Lemonade with friends...sooo refreshing on a summers day!
source: Jamie
ice of my guilty pleasures on a summers day
source: cannelle-vanille

eating fresh seasonal berries & cherries
source: cannelle-vanille

Hmmm, just realised these are all about food & drink - haha!!
Until next week's Random pics xxx

Cod With Pesto Wrapped in Proscuitto

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

by Adele

Whenever Ian & I eat this meal we always say "This is better than you'd get in any restaurant" & I swear it's true! What's great is that it's really easy to prepare & cooks in one roasting tray. The flavours are very Mediterranean. My sister Nicola first cooked it for us when she stopped over, so I don't have a copy of a recipe, she just told me how to make it!

3 garlic cloves
2 cod fillets (skinned & boned)
Green Pesto
Prosciutto or Palma Ham (5-6 slices)
1 pack of Vine Ripened tomatoes
80g of pitted Black Olives
2-3 Mixed Chillies 
Olive oil

How to cook
1. Turn oven onto 150 degrees centigrade, pour olive oil into a roasting tin & add the garlic cloves to roast while you prepare the cod.

2. Lay out the slices of Prosciutto onto a plate, overlapping slightly.

3. Spread both cod fillets with the green pesto & lay sandwiched onto the ham (pesto in the middle).

4. Wrap the ham over the cod fillets.

5. Chop your chillies.

6. Add your wrapped cod, tomatoes, black olives & chillies to the roasting tray. Turn oven up to 200 degrees centigrade & cook for 20-25 mins. 

7. Et voila! Remove garlic from skin & mash into juices. Serve with seasonal vegetables.

 Enjoy x


Tuesday, 28 June 2011

by Adele

Did you know that approx 2/3 of our bodies is made up of water? We cannot survive without it, our bodies don't function properly without enough of do you drink enough water?
As you have probably guessed by now, I'm a bit of a health nut!! But honestly, you can't underestimate the health benefits of drinking water.

My golden rules with water
* I always start my day with a cup of hot water & fresh lemon, which is a great cleanser for the system.

* Throughout the course of the day I drink between 2-3 litres of filtered water.

* I never drink water when I eat & always leave at least 30 minutes either side of eating before drinking water. This is because water neutralises your digestive juices which can lead to a build of gas/bloating.

* I always keep a glass of water by my bed in case I wake up thirsty in the night. You lose a lot of fluids during your sleep.

So what are the benefits...
1. Lose Weight: Drinking water flushes out the by products of fat breakdown. It also staves off hunger as it suppresses the appetite. The best bit...water has zero calories!

2. Natural Headache Remedy: Water helps to relieve headaches. Did you know dehydration is a common cause of headaches?

3. Look Younger with Healthier Skin: Water helps to moisturise the skin, increases skin elasticity & replenishes skin tissue.

4. Better Productivity at work: Your brain is made up of 90% water, so drinking plenty improves concentration, alertness & helps you think better.

5. Better Exercise: Water regulates our body temperature & helps to fuel our muscles, increasing our energy levels.

6. Helps in Digestion & Constipation: Drinking water raises your metabolism & also ensures regular bowel movement.

7. Less Cramps & Sprains: Drinking water keeps your joints & muscles lubricated.

8. Relieves Fatigue: Water helps flush out toxins & waste products. If you are dehydrated then your heart needs to work harder at pumping oxygenated blood around the body, your organs will be exhausted & so will you!

9. Less Likely to Get Sick: Drinking lots of water can help improve the immune system & reduce the risk of cancer ie bladder/colon cancers. It also helps to stave off other ailments such as flu, kidney stones & heart attacks.

10. Good Mood: Your body feels great, so you feel happy!


The only downside I can think of is I pee a lot!!!!

How much water do you drink?


Monday, 27 June 2011

by Adele

Statue of Robin Hood, famous outlaw

As you all know I was on a mission to find a new LWD on Friday. I spent a lovely day in Nottingham with my Mum. However, shopping wise I had the most frustrating day!!! I couldn't find any of the LWD's I'd shortlisted due to the Sales having started (don't you just hate that girls when you have money to spend?) & when I did find something I liked they didn't have my size, so I ended up buying nothing - aaargghh!!!

Thankfully we have the internet at our fingertips so I have ordered the Topshop Knitted dress - will let you know if I like it when it arrives.
Have you had any similar shopping experiences?

Meanwhile, as the city of Nottingham is stooped in history I took a few photos to share with you...

Nottingham Castle, originally built 1067

tee River Island, jeans Zara, toe posts River Island, bag River Island, sunglasses Marc Jacobs, watch Michael Kors

We stopped here for a is thirsty work!

This is the oldest Inn in England, built in 1189 a.d

Clock Tower

Town Hall

One of the many shopping arcades

Great choice of shops


Friday, 24 June 2011

by Adele

With Marylin Monroe's infamous white dress selling for £2.8 million earlier this week, it inspired me to invest in a new Little White Dress of my own. Today I'm shopping in Nottingham (home of Robin Hood!) so I thought I'd check out my favourites to home in on during the day. Here are my favourite picks...what are yours?

  1. Oasis Bow Prom Dress £40
  2. Topshop Knitted Crochet Shell Dress £60
  3. French connection Petals Ruffle Dress £88
  4. River Island One Shoulder Fit & Flare Dress £44.99
  5. River Island Macrame Maxi Dress £29.99
  6. Mango Mousse Dress £34.95 (on sale!)
  7. Zara Frilled Dress £35.99
  8. Mango Sixty Dress £34.95 (sale!)
  9. Reiss Cut Out Dress £225
  10. Topshop Lace Flippy Dress £48  

p.s I'll get back to all your comments when I get back from shopping! Have a great weekend x


Thursday, 23 June 2011

by Adele

This week's Random photo's are just that! We were reminiscing over the weekend about some of the silly things we've done (see below). Which is your favourite?

this reminded me of something I did at uni when I was very drunk!!!
source: poppy smiles

another sign...this time it was the colours that drew me to this photo
source: anabelle texter

I love this, don't know why I just do!!!
source: nitramo864

Until next week x

Chocolate Pots With Pistachio Shortbreads

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

by Adele

This week's recipe is for all you chocolate lovers out there!
It's heavenly, smooth, tastes divine & looks great served in espresso cups. It has never failed to impress friends when I've had them round for dinner. I've used this recipe... but halved the quatities.

Top tip...if you're short on time just make the chocolate pots & buy some Florentines/Petit Fours to serve with. The pots are easy to make & keep a few days in the fridge, not that you'll have any leftover!!!!!
Would love to know what you think x

 and now for the biscuits...

Body Brushing

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

by Adele

source: edensgate
Did you know that the skin is the largest, most important eliminative organ in the body & is responsible for one quarter of the body's detoxification each day?

I first learnt about the benefits of body brushing when on holiday in St Lucia at Le Sport. You get a daily spa treatment included in your holiday, some of which started with body brushing. It was so invigorating & beneficial I was hooked!!!

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing:
1. Removes cellulite
2. Cleanses the lymphatic system
3. Removes dead skin layers
4. Strengthens the immune system
5. Stimulates the hormone & oil-producing glands
6. Tightens the skin preventing premature aging
7. Tones the muscles
8. Stimulates circulation
9. Improves the function of the nervous system
10. Helps digestion

Top Tips for Body Brushing:
1. Always brush your dry & naked body before you shower or bathe so you can wash off the impurities from the skin as a result of brushing.

2. Use long sweeping strokes starting from the bottom of your feet upwards, & from the hands towards the shoulders, & on the torso in an upward direction, which helps drain the lymph back to your heart.
Note: Stroking away from your heart puts extra pressure on the valves within the veins & lymph vessels & can cause ruptured vessels & varicose veins.

3. Use light pressure in areas where the skin is thin & harder pressure on places like the soles of the feet.

4. Skin brush once a day, preferably first thing in the morning. It takes about 15 minutes to brush your whole body, but any time spent brushing will be beneficial. If you are feeling ill, increasing the treatments to twice a day is good. You can also dry brush areas of cellulite five to 10 minutes twice a day to achieve cellulite dissolving but the technique needs to be done consistently for a minimum of five months.

5. Avoid sensitive areas & anywhere the skin is broken ie skin rashes, wounds, cuts, and infections.

6. Once showered, dry off vigorously & massage your skin with pure plant oils such as olive, avocado, apricot, almond, sesame, coconut or cocoa butter. I use Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion with SPF

7. Clean your brush using soap and water once a week.


Do you body brush? If not, come on girls get brushing!!!


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