Monday, 11 June 2012

by Adele
Zombie Boy aka Rick Genest -image via Google
Tattoo's are something I've always been fascinated with.
I've wanted a tattoo since I don't know when - something classy. However, I've never been able to pluck up the courage to have one. 
I'm also undecided on design & positioning.
The first step in this process is to try out some temporary tattoos, to see if it's something I would be happy with on a permanent basis.

I ordered 3 designs from Fake Tattoos.

I've applied 2 of the tattoos...what do you think?

"Forever Young" applied to the inside of my right arm

Angels Wings applied to the back of my neck
These were the steps I followed to apply the tattoos:
1. Apply to clean, make up free skin.
2. Remove protective top sheet.
3. Press Tattoo firmly onto dry skin with design facing down.
4. Hold wet cloth against tattoo, press down & wet thoroughly.
5. Wait 30 seconds
6. Gently rinse image with water.

I still have this design to apply to the lower back - waiting til I go on holiday!

Do you have a tattoo, or have you ever thought of getting one?

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Happy Monday Lovelies

51 Lovely Comments:

Nuar said...

Hey, Adele!
I definitely prefer your sweet fake tattos rather than that Zombie-inspired creature! ;-)
Have a great week, darling!
María José

lorenabr said...

WoW! ScarY!
I refer no tattoos on my skin- some look nice but I can not image having one myself.
Happy Monday!

Clara Turbay said...

super cool!

Cokie Coquilla said...

I also love tattoos but can't dare to have one. Hihihihi.

New follower here, hope you could follow me back! :)
Bissous x

Miss K said...

I've been thinking about it for years but have never taken any action. Better I leave it at that!

Dana said...

I am with you on this one. Always wanted one, could never decided what, where, when, style... still undecided! Just when I think I made my decision something happens and I change my mind again... But I love the little wings at the back of you neck! Cute! Only drawback is that you don't get to enjoy it!
Happy Monday my friend!


fluff and fripperies said...

I love both of those on you Adele, they look so realistic! I'm still toying with getting one on my inside wrist...

Emma xo

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

Oh they look so real! I like them!!

Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

love the "forever young one" Adele! I just recently got my first two tattoos (couldn't stop at just one) and love them!


Fashion Fractions

Styleclouds said...

That's a fun idea! I have never been a tattoo girl but it is definitely a great idea if you only want to have a temporary tattoo. :-) Have a wonderful Monday! xo, Christina

M.E said...

great tattoos Adele! don't have any at the moment but have been thinking about getting one for a while, I just believe it has to be something with a meaning behind it :)

Nina Josephine said...

I love them. Have two myself.

dimitri said...

They look so real! That's a great idea. Love the last one.
The forever young is perfect too.

the nyanzi report said...

I love tattoos on other people but not me. these look cool especially Forever Young.

caise said...

nice tattoos:)

die edelfabrik said...

I've got a tatoo since 18 years an I love it :) but the look of Zombie Boy is to extreme for me ;)

Greets Chrissie


Valentina Coco said...

great post Adele...happy day darling!!
follom me instagram
bloglovin follower

YeamieWaffles said...

I quite like the tattoo Adele although I'm with you when it comes to being apprehensive about getting one done because once you get a tattoo it's there for a life and some day you may regret it, with that said be careful if you do choose to finally get one done.

Megan Norris said...

I have a tattoo, and soon getting another one. The way I think about it is it's symbolises a moment in your life, so why regret it. However I thought about my tattoos for a long time. :) x

diana said...

Such a lovely post, I love your blog¡¡
Take a look and if you want we can follow each others:

Mira said...

I like the fake ones. I wouldn´t get a real one :D


Naffy said...

My friends have gotten tattoo's and i love them :) I like the idea of your wings on the neck. It looks really good or something on your shoulder like Millie Mackintosh from Made In Chelsea. They look girly, classy and really nice :)

great blog as always.

Nafisah xo

letiziabarcelona said...

oh the guy on the first pic is scary!
love the one you have on your neck!

Debby Steele said...

They are not for me only because I know my tastes and preferences change so often that I would be afraid to commit to something permanent that I may regret later on. I say go for it if you want one! xo

Valeria said...

I usually don't like too much tattoos, but Adele these temporary tattoos you've chosen are really gorgeous...I like both wings & forever young a lot!!! Happy Monday!!! Hugs!!!

Sharane said...

they're so lovely. i think they would look permanently good on you :) Would you like to follow each other? :)


I'm the same exact way, Adele! Have always been fascinated and wanted one but never have had the courage to actually do it mostly because I could never decide on a design or placement. So fun that you got to experiment with fake ones. I've done that for my job a few times myself and it's definitely fun to play. :)

Happy Monday, sweetie! XOXO

Juju said...

it's beautiful "forever young", If I would have a tatoo I will chose the same part of my body :)

thank you to visit me, I follow you on bloglovin

Taylor Morgan said...

I am anti tattoo. to big of a commitment, stick to the temporary ones if you are not 120% sure.

viewrama said...

hey,i just found your blog and i really like it,keep posting girl
if you like we can follow each other,just let me know :)
have a nice week!
p.s.where could i buy a tattoo like this forever young one?

viewrama said...

hey,i just found your blog and i really like it,keep posting girl
if you like we can follow each other,just let me know :)
have a nice week!
p.s.where could i buy a tattoo like this forever young one?

yosivoyalamoda said...

I love both of those!!


madzia said...

zombie boy looks great :)

Irene° said...

that guy is crazy!

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Hi Adele!!!!!
I have 2 tattoos; I love them!!!
One is a small star on the inside of my right wrist & the second tattoo is a small, black, gothic style cross on the inside of my left ankle.
You should get one!!!! What were you thinking of having done? I loved the Chanel temporary tattoos!!!!

Cat's Eyes said...

i love the tatoo!! nice your blog, i follow you ;)
i'll wait you on my blog, there's a new post
have you a nice day <3

xoxo Kellz* said...

greAT BLOGS n TATS xoxo

My Scrambled Style said...

Love the' Forever young' tattoo!

Bravoe Runway said...

No tatoos for Mom would kill me. I am like you though...fascinated with me and I find it incredibly sexy on a guy. hahahahaha...even better if he has a moto. hahahaha.

Melody said...

I love tattoos, I have 7 of them!! I think the forever young looks really good.

Victoria said...

I love the "Forever young" tattoo.. so lovely :)

- Victoria

theionfashion said...

Tattoo's are a great way of self expression! It really is to each their own, weather or not they like tattoos! Lovely fake ones though! I'm definitely thinking of getting a sun tattoo though!

Noelia said...

Temporary tatoo is a good idea if you don't be sure

Thanks for your comment on my blog!!! Nice style and blog, so now i'm following you

If you like we can follow each other,just let me know :)

Fashionistable said...

I think these are the best tattoos. Ones you can change when you change your mind. Xxxx

the Budget Blondie said...

HI Adele!!! Ilove your blog and, speaking of tattoes, i love the low back one....always dreamed of getting one of those.
thank you for commenting my blog! I hope you liked it! do you wanna follow me? i already am.

tiny dancer said...

Tattoos aren't my thing at all, but I love this temp tattoo idea, Adele! Sounds like something I'd be willing to try :) Hope you've been doing well lately!


Outside Looking In said...

I usually don't like tattoos at all but would definitely use a temporary one. Yours are perfect!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I like tatts, but I am totally unable to commit to one for myself. I love the idea of temporary versions.

And said...

I don't have any tattoo because forever is to long, but I like the idea of fake/temporary versions :)

Gypsy Heart of Mine said...

I absolutely LOVE tattoos, hun! I've been toying with the idea of getting a few but I always change my mind. I view tattoos much like how I view fashion: as you get older your tastes change and I fear that my tastes will outgrow any permanent inking :-/
Thank you for visiting my blog btw, much appreciated x

Frolicking Fashionista said...

Like you I too would love a tattoo but would never know what to have. I also know that I would regret it so maybe just rock these babies until you are 100% sure.

Glad I stumbled upon your blog its great



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