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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Happy Thursday Lovelies!

Having travelled to Italy a few times (Amalfi Coast, Lake Como, Sicily) I'd already fallen in love with the country, it's people, it's very passionate sounding language & of course it's food. But Rome was truly something else...a beautiful city, an architectural & historical mecca in which every corner you turn there's an amazing Roman ruin, or fountain embellished piazza (square).

Being culture vultures we took countless photos, so at the risk of boring you all to tears (you know what it's like looking through other peoples holiday snaps!) I've decided to keep this diary of our week to just one, albeit epic blog post to try to narrow it down to my highlights.

The Colosseum

For me, this was the most amazing part of the city. We pre-booked a tour in the UK using Viator, avoiding all the queues to get in, which were approximately 2 hours long (can't recommend this enough).

It was an incredible arena - walking on the same stones the Romans did 2000 years ago, & hearing the history about the Gladiatorial games gave me goose bumps.

Ancient Rome

This was the 2nd part of our tour, where we explored the remains of the Roman city.

gelato heaven!

The Trevi Fountain

just about to throw a coin over my shoulder into the fountain

Bocca Della Verita

Legend has it that if you told a lie whilst your hand was in the mouth it would be bitten off!

The Vatican City

We booked another skip the line tour which took in the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel with the ceiling by Michelangelo & St Peters Basilica where Saint Peter is buried & the Pope holds a number of services throughout the year. 
I have to admit, looking round churches really isn't my bag & coupled with our over detailed, waffly guide I ended this tour feeling I'd lost 3 hours of my life I'll never get back!

Picnic in Villa Borghese Gardens

Gina's - a high class sandwich bar made gourmet picnics together with the loan of a picnic hamper to take into the gardens. We spent a pleasant afternoon in the park, taking shelter from the 37 degree heat.

The Spanish Steps

Piazza Navona

Piazza Novona was literally a two minute walk from our apartment & was probably the most atmospheric piazza adorned with stunning fountains, street artists & performers & perimeter cafes/restaurants.

 Meeting Valeria

For me, this was the other highlight of my week when I met the lovely Valeria who blogs over at Rock and Frock. No photos I'm afraid as we were both "off duty"!

couldn't pass the Rome Laduree store without popping in!
We spent a lovely afternoon mooching around all the designer shops, talking about fashion, blogging & our lives, as well as stopping at Ginger for some much needed drinks. Valeria was so easy to talk to, I felt like I was meeting an old friend - that's one of the things I love most about blogging, the friends I feel I have made across the world.

George kept the cocktails flowing for us in the evenings!
What I loved about Rome was for a big city, it had a small town feel. Everything was easily accessible by foot as the apartment we stayed in was so central (boy, we walked a lot!) & every corner you turned, you found something new to explore.
If you haven't yet visited this stunning city, put it on your list of places to won't be disappointed.

If you're still with me, thanks for reading Lovelies!
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18 Lovely Comments:

letiziabarcelona said...

lovely pics!
love the ice cream photo ahah

dimitri said...

These photos are so lovely. Rome is a beautiful city. Your outfits are great too.
Have a lovely day.

stylentonic Constantinos said...

Dreamy photos! xxx

Fabrizia said...

Such an amazing city, I miss it so much!
Win an amazing jacket from Melacerba!!
Come back soon to visit me on Cosa Mi Metto???

Emma Henderson said...

This is an amazing post! I love Rome, we were there last year - such a beautiful city. Italy is my favourite place to visit I think xo

CoutureTrend Jessica said...

Amazing pics! I love Rome!

Ana said...

cool pics

Chrissie said...

I've never been there :( but I will!!! Maybe next year....

Have a good time :)

Greets from the EDELFABRIK

TheTinyHeart said...

Rome is such a beautiful city between all that amazing architecture and the food! It must've been such an amazing trip.

The Tiny Heart

Charlotte said...

jealous! what a gorgeous city. beautiful photos! x

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

I am so sorry that we couldn catch up with each other but I am really glad that you had a great time in my city!!!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

I am so sorry that we couldn catch up with each other but I am really glad that you had a great time in my city!!!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

the chilicool said...

Roma รจ sempre magnifica!!!

Video outfit YOUTUBE

monicaharmony said...

Great pictures, absolutely stunning!

Monica Harmony's Blog

Valeria said...

Thanks for the lovely words Adele, it was the same for me! Hope to see you soon again! hugs from Rome

Julia Venetikidou said...

I've been in Rome and couldn't enjoy our trip there because we didn't have an organized group. We are about to travel there again but alone. Loved your hotel but unfortunately we can't afford it, I saw the rooms and they are just amazing. I'm going to follow your advice I'll book Colosseum/museum tickets before I go there. I'm going to find that Laduree, I didn't see it. The store Gina's is the first time I read about it , it just got in my wish list. Didn't you go to Pantheon? Did you see my fav Piazza Navona by night? I suggest you travel to Florence you will just love this town.

YeamieWaffles said...

You look like an absolute solitaire in the Italian sunshine and George seems like an absolute lad, so pleased to see that you had such an amazing holiday Adele!

Anouka K said...

Beautiful photos of Rome! It's one of the most amazing cities I have ever visited.


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