Getting In The Party Spirit

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Getting The Party Started
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Happy Thursday Lovelies!

Anyone who's followed my blog for a while will already know I love a cocktail or two! As party season is fast approaching I've been on the hunt for some quality bar accessories to mix my cocktails to perfection & look like a true pro at a little soiree I'm having for friends for my birthday.

I came across all these bar beauties after stumbling upon the Ciroc vodka from A&J. I'd seen this brand a lot on P Diddy's instagram, (yes I actually love following him!) as he is brand ambassador for Ciroc & have often wanted to try this brand of vodka - not that the gorgeously sleek bottle has influenced my choice in any shape or form (ok I'll admit I'm a sucker for pretty packaging)!! The Ciroc vodka is distilled 5 times & is derived from snap frost grapes, hence the slightly heavier price tag.

My favourite vodka based cocktail is a Cosmopolitan, which fuses vodka with cranberry juice, lime juice & triple sec.
So tell me in your comment, if I was to mix a cocktail for you, what would you choose?

Here's to a corking party season Lovelies
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14 Lovely Comments:

M.E said...

I'm always in for a good Cosmo! I'm also more for vodka based cocktails, but my specialty is margaritas!
I never tried the Ciroc ,we usually have russian standard which is very good too and doesn't give a headache the morning after ;) x

Emma Henderson said...

Have never tried Ciroc either but will look out for it!

Jessica Neumann said...


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Anne Stikvoort said...

still want to try this, great post!

Meghan said...

For me, it would have to be a dirty vodka martini - yum! Great post!
Meghan xo


Looks great!

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Sarah Stanfield said...

I'm actually pretty trivial in my cocktail loves, give me a good vodka and diet any day of the week. Love the bar goodies you posted!

The Purse Snatcher

TheTinyHeart said...

I've never tried Ciroc before but I have heard of it from P Diddy! It's rare that I drink vodka now but when I do I mix it with cranberry juice :)

The Tiny Heart

Valeria said...

I don't like vodka, but this bottle has a lovely packaging! xoxo

letiziabarcelona said...

WOuld love to have a drink (mojito!) with you someday!

Emma said...

I always think vodka is worth investing in, the taste in of itself can be delicious if it's good quality!

Hmm maybe...

the chilicool said...

Nice products!!!
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YeamieWaffles said...

Sounds great Adele, I imagine your cocktails to be as incredible as they always look in your recipe posts!

Ria said...

I too love a good cocktail. Great bar accessories.


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