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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

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Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

Cooking Christmas dinner can feel a little bit daunting, especially if you have a large family to cater for (this year there'll be eleven of us round the table), but fear's food post is all about creating a Christmas menu that takes all the stress out of cooking at Christmas - most importantly what to make yourself & what  to cheat on (buy at the shops), as well as some tried & tested recipe suggestions to help you create a festive menu that will make you look like a Goddess in the kitchen.

Choosing your menu...
The key to a good menu is balance, try to make sure each of your courses compliments the other (ie they're not all too heavy or too rich). 
One of the most important things for me is being able to prepare as much as possible in advance so that you can mingle with your guests on the day.
Cook within your capabilities, always use tried & tested recipes & write out your timings for each step of the meal prep (I can't stress how important this is!).

It's inevitable that you will have to so some work on the day, so to kick things off & keep your guests happy while you're beavering away in the kitchen how about....

Champagne & Canapes

from the blog...goats cheese truffles

These delicious goats cheese truffles can be made in advance & are not too filling (you don't want your guests to feel podged before the main event!!). 
For a sweeter option try chocolate dipped strawberries - the perfect accompaniment to Champagne.
If Champagne is stretching your budget a little, try Prosecco.

To Start...

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This is an area of the menu you can prepare in advance.
A fish based dish is a great option & contrast to the meaty main course. I've had numerous compliments on this easy to prepare Smoked salmon with prawns, horseradish cream & lime vinaigrette, which you really can't go wrong with!

 from the blog...french onion & sage soup

from the blog...mushroom brioche toasts
Making a soup is always a good option - something like French Onion & Sage which isn't too heavy. I also like the idea of serving the soup in little cappucino cups with mini croutons.
Alternatively a smaller serving of Mushroom Brioche Toast would be a tasty & not too filling starter.

The Main Event...

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Getting a good quality bird is a must. For a good quality Turkey I recommend a Norfolk Black.
  A trusted turkey recipe I always follow is this recipe which has never failed me yet. It's important to rest the turkey for at least 20 minutes after cooking to allow all the juices to flow back into the meat.

If  I was to tell you to make only one thing for your Christmas meal it would be this amazing gravy. The ingredients list is comprehensive (all available from a supermarket), but it's actually really easy to make in advance, even freeze it & just warm up on the will make your dinner taste sensational!

If you have room around your bird cook the roast potatoes as they will absorb all the meaty flavours.

For the stuffing, pigs in blankets & all the accompanying sauces....I would suggest buying these to save yourself time.

If you have room in the oven, roasting mixed veg is an easy option, brussel sprouts with lardons & chestnuts is a favourite of mine & really easy to make.


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Buying a good quality shop bought pudding makes life easy. I like to serve mine with brandy infused cream (the more alcohol the better!). Before serving, bring to the table, pour over with some brandy or rum & light with a match to flambe...this creates a great wow factor!

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It's traditional in our house to round the meal off with some cheese & biscuits, accompanied by some vintage Port.
I always like to freeze my grapes before serving on the side of the cheeseboard to make them look all pretty & frosted.

from the cheeseboard last Xmas
And for Coffee...

from the blog...peppermint creams

If you've still got room for coffee try serving with these easy to make peppermint creams that taste just as good as shop bought versions.

I hope this post gives you some ideas & inspiration to help make your Christmas dinner the best ever!

Have a yummy Wednesday Lovelies

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MAXCE said...

Looks so yummy! The fish dish look perfect ;)
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Oh yes!!!!!!!!!!! Absoluty perfect - first I thought you cooked it completly :)!!!

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Ugh, SWOON!!!!

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Wow 11 people is a lot to cook for! I know your Christmas dinner is going to be delicious though...your recipes always look amazing!

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Amazing post, perfect menu!!!

Valeria said...

Great post Adele!!! Thank God I won't cook for Xmas eve as we usually go to my mother in law's house for dinner & to my mom's for the 25th lunch…your dinner will be amazing, I like the tip of the frosted grapes…xoxo

Lindsay Truax said...

What a lovely post! I would love to come for dinner at your house sometime. Your guests must just love you. Your cheese plate is particularly gorgeous.

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yum this looks delicious!

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The goat cheese truffles and the cheese platter would be enough to make me happy!

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OMG these look so delicious i love it!! xox

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Great post Adele! I can't wait for Christmas dinner :) xo

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This really makes me wish I could go to yours for Christmas dinner, sorry mum but this looks out of this world!

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Great post!

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That inspiring X-mas post! Love it! ;D



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Yummmm.....I am totally going to try the goats cheese truffles - they look easy and delicious!

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