Eric's First Week

Monday, 12 May 2014

Happy Monday Lovelies!

I can't believe it's been just over a week since I brought Eric home & I'm already in love. Eric has settled in so quickly - he's a confident little chap, which is one of the things that attracted us to choose him over the other pups in the litter.

It's been eight & a half years since we had Missy as a puppy & I'd forgotten just how exuberant they are - you have to watch them all the time!

He's reminded me just how adaptable dogs are - having left his litter mates behind (one of the most streeful times in a dogs life), he's already getting used to his new life with us.

getting to know Missy our German Shepherd

Eric sunning himself on the patio

They say never work with animals - I can't tell you how hard it was to get all three dogs in one shot!

Eric loves little adventures & enjoys exploring his new surroundings...

...but it's thirsty work!

play time!

Hugo our rescue Miniature Poodle 

Hugo is taking longer to adapt to Eric which, given what I know about his abuse & history before we rescued him it's totally understandable. Initially avoidance tactics were being used & Hugo gave Eric an extremely wide birth.
Day by day he is getting used to Eric being around & I know that in the long run they will become besties!

Missy wanting to play & have a tummy tickle!

Little & large!

Sweet Dreams!

I've never known a dog to sleep on their back, but Eric loves it! 

Next week Eric will visit the vets for his second injection & microchip, after which we will be able to take him out & attend puppy classes - can't wait!

 Wishing you all a wonderful week

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17 Lovely Comments:

Michèle Kruesi said...

awww. cute photos

Michèle Kruesi said...

awww. cute photos

Michèle Kruesi said...

awww. cute photos

francesca romana capizzi said...

OMG!!!! Eric is such a heartbreaker!!! He is soooooo cute!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Abby said...

What a complete cutie!

One of my dogs loves sleeping on his back as well. He loved being held like a baby when he was a puppy!


Małgorzata TP said...

So sweat!

Jade Joseph said...

So cute, lovely little group of dogs! :)

Oversized Facial Features

the chilicool said...

I love these photos!

TheTinyHeart said...

He is just THE cutest! I'm sure in time Hugo will get used to Eric being around. It took a bit of time for Jinx to adjust to Oliver and now they're fine :)

The Tiny Heart

aliceFashion said...

such a cute puppy :)

Becca said...

Ahhh he's so adorable! Takes me back to when my sisters pug was that little - didn't last long haha!

Becca from Becca Said x

Francesca Giagnorio said...

Fell in love with these lovely puppies *_*



OMG they are all so cute!!! Congrats to the new addition, he is really adorable.
Loved the photos.
We want to see them more. :)

Julia said...

oh my god ... soooo cute ... awww... love so much love is in the air ;) ...

Catherine said...

Aww, he is just adorable! He looks so cute sleeping on his back.

Yuri Alex said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yuri Alex said...

The dogs are so cute, how I wish that I could have one of them.


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