Planning The Perfect Hen Do

Thursday, 22 May 2014

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Happy Thursday Lovelies!

As we're getting into the throes of wedding season, I've been tasked by one of my close friends to help plan her Hen Do....but where on earth do I start?
There are so many different parts to a Hen Do that go towards making it an unforgettable & fun experience for the bride to be...

1. Picking a fab destination - do you stay home or go away (abroad)?  Ladbrokes recently found out that the top destinations are London, Barcelona and Las Vegas according to women’
2. Sorting out some cool accommodation.
3. Getting there....
4. Organising the main event...the BIG night/weekend. 85% of men believe friends are top of a Hens guest list.
5. Bringing along some fun games  - no Hen Do is complete without a few of these once the drinks start rolling!

So my Lovelies, I'd love to know what you think makes a great Hen Do....ideas on a postcard please (or just leave a comment)!!

Thanks for reading!

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4 Lovely Comments:

TheTinyHeart said...

I've never heard it called a Hen Do before! That's so cute! In the US we call it a Bachelorette party :)

The Tiny Heart

francesca romana capizzi said...

Hen do?? Oh that should be a bachelorette party! How cool.
Well mine was a classic: men strip tease!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Anouka said...

I have only ever participated in one. Personally I think that they should be classy and glamourous (unfortunately I often see trashy ones).

Kleidmo said...

At first I didn't understand what a Hen Do is. It sounds cute. I'd love to make some ideas for you, but I have never been any Bachelorette parties before. I am single, all my girlfriends are currently unmarried, too.


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