Rosemary Roasted Almonds

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

I love nuts! Especially almonds, I've always got a bag on the go - did you know they are one of the healthiest nuts to eat? 
Best eaten with the skin on, they're packed full of vitamin E, bursting with monounsaturated fats which can reduce the risk of heart disease. To read more about their health benefits click here

I like to serve Rosemary Roasted Almonds when the drinks are flowing. 
With our busy lives, it's all too easy to buy a bag of nuts that are full of artificial flavourings or packed with salt from the supermarket.
What I like about making my own (apart from them tasting much better), is I know everything that's going into the flavouring. I also have Rosemary growing in my garden, so nothing could be easier than to pop out back & cut off a few sprigs.

You can roast or cook the nuts in a pan, which is my preference as it ensures all the flavourings are properly mixed. I also reduce the salt too, but that depends on your taste.

Have a go at making these...they're soooo moorish, once you start eating them you just can't stop!

Have a yummy Wednesday

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17 Lovely Comments:

Jane @ said...

I love nuts, especially almonds. That looks good, I'm going to give it a try. It never occurred to me to add my own seasonings. Thanks for sharing :)

Rhea Gupte said...

Looks so delicious! Love the pictures!

Emma Henderson said...

Almonds are my favourite too - I'm definitely gonna give this a try! Thanks for sharing Adele.

Chrissie aus der edelfabrik said...

Perfect :) I think I can smell them here :)!!

Greets from the EDELFABRIK

the chilicool said...

perfect, love it! great pics!





Effe coco said...

Nice And original idea ;)

TheTinyHeart said...

Almonds are one of favorite nuts to eat too! Yum!

The Tiny Heart

francesca romana capizzi said...

I love almonds, I want to try this receipe!

Chiara T. said...

I totally love almonds, so I HAVE to taste this recipe!
Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

Valeria said...

I love almonds too Adele, this is a smart & easy recipe! xoxo

Abby Templeton said...

This almonds look delicious - I will need to try this recipe!


Francesca Giagnorio said...

This cake looks great *_* I have to try this recipe :D

letiziabarcelona said...

ahaha seems delicious! i would finish the whole bowl myself;))

Anonymous said...

It looks so delicious!

Emma Davidson said...

love it!!

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B a la Moda said...

I would try it! Seams delicious!!

B* a la moda

Anouka said...

The perfect snack with aperitif!


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