Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

Say hello to the Rocket!

Rocket Coffee Machine

Coffee - you know the proper stuff, not that horrible instant coffee, is something I'm really passionate about. Sitting down in the evening with a cappucino & chunk of dark chocolate is one of my favourite times of the day - 5 minutes of indulgence, a little me time.

When our coffee maker went on the blink, Ian decided to research what was out there on the market to find the Mother of all coffee machines & for the record he's found an absolute Beast of a machine called the Rocket!

We'd always previously used Illy ground coffee, but after all his research, it became apparent that freshly ground coffee beans make a huge difference to the overall flavour & freshness of your coffee, so we went all out & bought an electric coffee grinder too.

And so our evening ritual begins...

Grinding the beans takes seconds...

Coffee Grinder

I couldn't believe the difference in flavour once we started grinding the beans & wondered why we hadn't bought a grinder before now (hindsight is always wonderful)!

Heating the milk to the correct temperature & ensuring it doesn't boil is essential to getting the perfect froth!

Equally important is the pressure that the machine pushes through the coffee...

Having watched countless YouTube videos on how to make the perfect cappucino, Ian has done an exceptional job, to the point where our home made cappucinos are now better than a lot we get in restaurants/bars when we're out.

Maybe I should have been an Italian!!

On a side note, proper recipe posts have been a little sparse as my oven is broken & I'm waiting for a new part - should be fixed at the end of July fingers crossed!

Wishing you a yummy Wednesday

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8 Lovely Comments:

janeen said...

The course of making coffee is so amazing.

the chilicool said...

Great post! This info are perfect!

francesca romana capizzi said...

Oh you are definitely italian ;-)
I can't live without my daily dose of cappuccino!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

letiziabarcelona said...

oh yes Adele you must be italian ahah! great/real stuff!

TheTinyHeart said...

Oh yum, that cappucino looks delicious!


Irena D world said...

Looks very professional I love this idea

Anouka said...

What an amazing coffee machine! It looks great and I hope that it will meet all your expectations.

Anouka said...

What an amazing coffee machine! It looks great and I hope that it will meet all your expectations.


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