Spicy Szechuan Pork With Urdon Noodles

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

Today's recipe is a dish my sister Nicky cooked for us when she came to stay last weekend. Packed full of fresh vegetables, I instantly knew I was going to love it. The pork mince is also very low fat (approx 2%) & as the dish takes no time at all to prepare, it's perfect for a healthy mid week supper.

Ingredients (to serve 2)
500g lean pork mince
1 pack of tenderstem broccoli & asparagus
1 pack beansprouts
2-3 sticks of celery
2 packs Urdon Noodles (I used Amoy straight to wok)
2 sachets Szechuan Tomato Sauce + 2 tblspn water

chop your celery

brown the pork mince in a large non stick frying pan (we dry fried to make even healthier)

steam your veggies until al-dente

stir fry your celery & beansprouts in a wok

add the szechuan sauce to the pork mince - if you want to add more zing to the dish (the packet sauce is fairly mild) add a finely chopped red chilli)

pour 2 tablespoons of water over the noodles & heat in a microwave according to packet instructions

arrange in a shallow serving bowl

et voila!

As well as tasting delicious, I loved all the different textures in the dish. I think you could actually stir fry all in one pan, which I think I'll attempt next time I make to save on washing up!!!

Don't forget to let me know if you have a go at making this or any of the other recipes I've posted!

 Wishing you a yummy Wednesday

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8 Lovely Comments:

francesca romana capizzi said...

Woww it looks soooo delicious! You are a great cook!

Emma Henderson said...

I think I'll give this one a go - thanks for sharing!

Alice Cerea said...

I love your style dear!

It's summertime! what do u think about my last post?

Laura Bielau said...

Aah looks absolutely delicious!

Looove your blog by the way..

x Lola

TheTinyHeart said...

You are such an amazing cook, Adele! You could probably open your own restaurant :)

The Tiny Heart
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Nico lowbudget-lowcost said...

Looks delicious!!!

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Anouka said...

It looks so tasty - even more so because I haven't had breakfast nor lunch yet! Enjoy your weekend!

jewel said...

The noodles look so delicious, I want to have a try to do it.


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