Eric The Pug - Summer of Fun!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Eric with two of his favourite toys
Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

If you remember back in May I introduced you to Eric our Pug puppy in this post & then showed you his first week after bringing him home in this post. I can't believe that Eric is already six months old next week.
In the short time we've had him, Eric has become a huge part of the family. He's got tonnes of personality, a real cheeky little chap!

He loves to play with Hugo our Miniature Poodle & really looks to Missy our German Shepherd to teach him the ways of the doggy world. He's learnt such a lot from them both.

These are some of my favourite photos of Eric taken during the summer- all are candid shots taken with my iPhone so I could capture the real Eric, no time to run & fetch the DSLR - trust me, he doesn't stay still for long!

taking five in my standard rose bush pot

sitting on the edge of our pond, which he's not allowed to do, but I couldn't resist a shot before I told him off!!

Eric is a mischievous little pup, a real adventurer. Most people think of Pugs as lap dogs - although Eric does love a snooze on my lap in the evening (I love it too!) he's a real go getter, who loves the great outdoors, running free off the lead....

chilling on my sun lounger

...after which there's nothing like relaxing Eric style. I've found him in my plant pots, on my sun lounger, on the arm of the sofa, & in my wash basket!!

nothing like a pile of dirty washing to snuggle up in!!
Going to puppy training classes with Eric was great fun. I was really surprised at how easy Eric was to train (Pugs are known to be stubborn) & how keen he was to learn. It was a proud moment when we passed the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation training course. Here we are showing off Eric's certificate & rosette!

so proud of Eric passing puppy training classes 

I feel so blessed that Eric came into our lives, I love him to bits!

Have a wonderful day

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15 Lovely Comments:

Chiara T. said...

I smiled looking all these stunning photos! he looks so funny!
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Myriam Sorbo said...

how cute is your dog!!!!!


Myriam Sorbo said...

how cute is your dog!!!!!


marcelino said...

The little guy is so cute, I can't help loving it.

the chilicool said...

Your dog is adorable!

letiziabarcelona said...

oooh he's so cute! especially on the second pic ahah

kisses to you both

Jessica Neumann said...

Awww so cute!!

Cultureandtrend Blog

francesca romana capizzi said...

OMG!! Eric is adorable!! I love love love him!!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Dana said...

omg Girlfriend!!! You have such an AWsomeTasticmazing Smile! I had to make a comment after all this time just to tell you that...
Wish you'd use it more often!

Anouka said...

He looks so cute! You are lucky that you have three dogs. I wish I had at least one. Hopefully one day.

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

OMG Adele!!! Your pug, Eric, is the cutest!!!!!
What an adorable face!!!!!
Great photos!!!

Jane S said...

What a cool dog!

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Emma Henderson said...

He's adorable! These photos have put a big smile on my face.

Emma | Fluff and Fripperies

Valerie said...

omg he's the cutest!!!

Valerie said...

omg he's the cutest!!!


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