Traditional Turkish Hamam

Monday, 8 September 2014

Happy Monday Lovelies!

Whilst in Turkey last week I had the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Turkish Hamam (or bath) at the hotel. As I've never had a Turkish Bath before I didn't entirely know what to expect, I just had an inclining it was a wash & scrub down!
Of course the true experience of a Turkish Hamam is much more - it's akin to a Roman Bath & takes place in a steam room.
Tip: book in at the start of your holiday as it's great skin preparation for a tan.

Entering the bath was like stepping back in time. I was struck by the beautiful marble, the ornate basins & taps dotted around the wall & the gorgeous light shimmering through the ceiling.

As it's a steam room I wasn't sure whether I should be taking my iPhone in with me, but decided to risk it as I really wanted to capture the treatment. Therefore please excuse the photos which were affected by the steamy room.

On entering the room we spent time in the steam, which opens the pores & allows the body to perspire freely. 

We were asked to pour water from the basins over ourselves using old copper bowls.

As the floor gets extremely slippery we were given some very fetching wooden clogs to wear - I wonder if we'll be seeing these on the SS15 catwalks!!!!

first up was a full body exfoliation front & back using a special mitt. No actual scrub was put onto the skin.

Next came the suds...& lots of them! 
I was fascinated by this part of the process. The soap suds were generated by dipping a large muslin type cloth into the soapy water, the guy (who posed magnificently for this shot don't you think!) then blew into the cloth & created a pillow out of which came all these lovely bubbles!!

The smell was unbelievable as the bubbles contain a combination of essential oils - I could definitely smell lavender, but I'm afraid the rest of the oils were lost in translation.
The suds are then used to massage the body. This was one of the most relaxing full body massages I have ever had.

Afterwards it was time for a quick rinse off & relax with some iced cucumber infused water - bliss!
Here I am totally zoned out feeling sooooo relaxed.

Following the treatment I couldn't believe how amazingly smooth my skin was - being a lover of spa treatments I've had many body scrubs in the past ie coffee, coconut etc but this was something else, even a week on & my skin still feels super smooth, really soft.

Have you ever had a Turkish Hamam before?

 Wishing you all a wonderful week

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13 Lovely Comments:

francesca romana capizzi said...

OMG!!! I am so jealous!!!
I'd love to live such an experience!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Le Balzi said...

The soap suds it's amazing!

Chrissie aus der edelfabrik said...

I love this so much - its been a few years ago I was in a hamam too and it was amazing and so relaxing!

Greets from the EDELFABRIK

Monica Worth said...

great photos. must be nice to be pampered like a queen

mon |

Valeria said...

Wow Adele what a wonderful experience!!!!!!!! I've never been to Turkey & never tried one, but I really wish to try someday…by the way I've missed you too, glad we're both back at work ;-) xoxo

letiziabarcelona said...

lucky you! I wish I could spend a whole day in here!

Andee D. said...

That looks amazing! Adding to my bucket list!
<3 Andee

Mili said...

Oh my gosh, so many bubbles!! Looks like a very relaxing experience :)


libys11 said...

I've heard about this and i'd love to try it out!!! looks really relaxing!! :D

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Sienna said...

i had one in istanbul, it was so nice! looks like you had a good time

Emma Henderson said...

I haven't tried this but it sounds amazing - that first pic of you is so lovely Adele!

Rougeuse said...

I've been to a turkish hammam once in Istanbul. I didn't know you were allowed to take pictures inside. Anyway good blog and it would be great if we could follow each other on GFC/Bloglovin, let me know! x

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Great photos Adele!!!!
Looks like you had fun!!!!


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