Designer Spotlight: Chanel

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

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Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

Today's designer spotlight focuses on my absolute favourite Design House: Chanel.
Originally founded in 1909 by Gabrielle Chanel, nicknamed Coco, who first opened a millinery boutique, the brand has over the years grown into a multi billion dollar, privately owned business.

From it's iconic tweed jackets & suits, prim twin sets, to it's instantly recognisable quilted bags & shoes, it's one of the only brands I know (with the exception of Hermes) where products can increase in value over time.

For me, there are brands & there is Chanel.

Product wise, I've pulled together some iconic, classic Chanel, which epitomises the brand. 

Classic Chanel

So why do I love Chanel so much? 
It's original - it's a fashion leader, not follower. It has a history & a story behind the brand. The appointment of Karl Lagerfeld as Creative Director of Chanel has seen the business transformed into the global empire it is today.
It doesn't forget who it's customers are - I love how the brand has stayed true to it's heritage & more classic styling, whilst at the same time seasonally re-inventing itself with exciting, inspiring new fashion (think graffiti back pack, camelia sneakers, lego bag & more recently the milk carton bag (lait de Coco).
It's catwalk shows don't just showcase the designs, they transport you into another world - the world of Chanel.

Personally, it makes me feel special whenever I wear a piece of Chanel, whether it's my 2.55 classic jumbo double flap bag, my quilted flats, a pair of earrings, or simply my favourite red lippy.

What does Chanel mean to you as a brand?

Thanks for reading!

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17 Lovely Comments:

letiziabarcelona said...

I only have some cosmetics from Chanel...I hope one day I'll get a bag, or a pair of socks ahaha if money grows on tree, you expensive! but you knows!

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Hello Adele!!!!
I adore Chanel too; my first Chanel purchase years ago was a 2.55 black quilted bag. I still carry it and it looks new. I have bought many other bags along with clothes, accessories, and shoes since then. I agree with you- Chanel is a fashion leader. The designs are amazing and Karl is a genius!!!!!
Hope you're having a great week!!!!

Laura said...

Instant glamour! There's nothing quite like a Chanel red lip :) xo

Chrissie aus der edelfabrik said...

You are so so right!!! Brands - and Chanel :D!!! Love Karl!

Greets from the EDELFABRIK

the chilicool said...

I adore Chanel!

francesca romana capizzi said...

I quote you word by word! I think that Karl Lagerfelspd is a genius!

Natalie Lines said...

I love Chanel, it's such an iconic brand.
Natalie Lines Blog

Jessica Neumann said...

Oh Chanel, why so perfect?!

Cultureandtrend Blog

Lemiza Nicolau said...

Chanel will always stay my number 1 designer! :) xx

Emma Henderson said...

I completely agree! I think Chanel is the only fashion and beauty house that deserves to be called iconic. One day I'll have that handbag!

Hannah Josephine said...

Loveee me some CHANEL. I don't think I could ever have enought!

Stylishlyme said...

There is nothing quite like Chanel.


Anouk said...

To me it represents luxury, glamour, and class.

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