Perfect Oven Chips

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

I'm sure, like me you all tend to have a bag of oven chips in your freezer for emergencies or convenience when you want something quick to nibble on. Being a chip connoisseur, for me they can sometimes taste a little bland...that was until my friend Peony posted the perfect oven chip. 
I decided to try my own version of these, by switching garlic oil for some white truffle oil & I haven't looked back since.
Adding a few extra ingredients makes all the difference to the flavour...

you'll need...
half a packet of oven french fries
garlic cloves
white truffle oil 
sea salt flakes
cracked black pepper

crush your garlic cloves with a chef's knife & add to the chips on the baking tray

drizzle the white truffle oil over the chips, season with the salt & pepper & toss to make sure all the fries are coated

cook in the oven at 220C for approx 20 mins. Ensure the fries have a nice deep golden colour - there's nothing worse than anaemic chips!

I tend to place mine on some paper to remove any excess oil

and enjoy!

It really is as simple as that!

Have a yummy Wednesday Lovelies

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